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About our Stocks of NISHIDE SEICHAJYO


For our products, we have been procuring relevant Ara-Cha of materials from our contracted Tea Farmers directly, through the tenders at the ZEN-NOH Tea Market, and by the dealings with our tie-up companies. We have been completely obliging our suppliers to submit the regulated Production History Record about all of tea leaf which we purchase. Such Production History Record shows all of Tea Farm’s information and cultivating process based on [The disinfestation guideline for tea plant disease & vermin] which regulates the standard about safety direction for relevant fertilizations and agrichemicals.

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Production History Record

[Our Stocks from contracted Tea Farmers]


We are especially making a point of our stocks from contracted Tea Farmers by direct deals. It can secure higher quality and rarer Tea Leaves with priority from the producers with eager production willing and enthusiasm, under contracts. Also to strengthen the relation of the reliance with contracted farmers, we have been getting to enrich and improve the quality of Tea Leaves further more through our mutual interchanging of the information about both of cultivations and productions at all seasons. Those net-works with them are supporting us to provide competitive and differentiated Tea Leaves and reacting to diversifying needs of our customers.

  farmers plantation1   farmers plantation2  
  Tea plantation for Hand Picked Gyokuro   Tea plantation for Kabusecha  
  farmer's factory   farmer's factory2  
  Green tea During Processing   Farmer's Tea Factory  

[Our Stocks from Tea Markets]


The market price situation has been coming fluid year after year, in the dealing of UJI-CHA. It especially became so important to purchase it with an appropriate price according to the market trend in recent years. We do appropriate purchases with considering of the market trend, by our going in for all of Tender Sales Meeting of Kyoto Pref. Tea Market and Shiga Pref. Tea Market in whole of the schedule, during Apr. to July every year. In order to obtain further abundant tea leaves with favorable prime cost, our stocks from Tea Markets is very important. Regarding to tea leaves at the tea markets, our liable person in charge looks through all of Ara-Cha there, and confirms quality / production district / the name of production farmer / tea kind / features of Ara-Cha procedures & methods of cultivation / a presence of the fault, then decides our material tea leaves which we should purchase. Also, since we fix the person in charge who manages all with one’s responsibility from the purchase stage until the finishing products stage, we can review and re-evaluate our purchased tea leaves and are available to make good use of it for enrichment of the quality for the next stock.

  kyoto tea market   kyoto teamarket  
  State of auction   Kyoto Tea Market  

Flowchart of main Tea Leaves Purchase

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