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We have been concerned with the cultivations & productions about Japanese Green Tea of “UJI-CHA” for long period of over 140 years at Ujitawara Kyoto, Japan.
Then, Ujitawara is well-known and authorized as the Mother Place of Japanese Leaf Tea since 1738 when the Master Soen Nagatani invented the Green Tea process made of the blue and established the foundation of contemporary Green Tea.


The Tea of “UJI-CHA” had been come down to all of Japan by the former Edo (present Tokyo area) Merchants in the 18th century, then it achieved to develop up to play a part in the Japanese Culture through the proprieties of the Green Tea Way. After that, the Green Tea was popularized widely and became an item of necessaries of living articles as it deeply penetrated into peoples’ lives. However nowadays, the pleasure of Japanese Green Tea as luxury goods has been becoming limited just for the partial peoples.

Primarily, tea leaves have different nature depending on each tea farm, their particularities are quite various kinds. So, the way to enjoy and the particular about Tea for the peoples taking pleasure in the “Tea World” should be individual and different.
We deeply hope that we would like to provide the high quality tea leaves required by customers and the excellent and characteristic of tea leaves, with putting each voice from customers to good for the productions of out tea leaves. Also, we believe that it is our vocation to make way for peoples even one more to realize the wonderful “Tea World”.

But it will not be succeeded only with our own effort as Tea Manufacturer, we trust that it will be only able to achieve by the close relationships and communications with many tea farms who have been concerned with cultivation of tea leaves, also through our strong particular about the quality and ceaseless effort.
We would like to make a promise that for the purpose to provide with our productions in the highest mode for the customers’ hands, by exploiting the voices from customers in present-day of diversified sense of values for our cultivations and productions of Tea Leaves, we shall keep our best effort and innovation from now on too.



teaplant Way of tea has led to the entrance of the spiritually rich and healthy life.
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