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- Sence of Valuues -


The Tea is not only affinity with peoples’ lives as a living article, but it is also the culture symbolizing the spirit of Japan which has been achieved a development through long history transitions.

We do serious inspections and authenticate about the quality on the process of our Tea evaluations and productions with watching tea leaves to the end under the physical value, moreover, we are exerting ourselves to progress in the quality through our further enrichment of the appraisal capacity and our constant improvement for the production technique.

On the other hand, for the customers asking for the Tea, we trust that it is great contribution toward our society to provide abundant cultural worth of the Tea which is much superior to the substantial value of the Tea has, with conveying wonderful profiles of the Tea as per many particulars and values among Tea Leaves cultivations and Green Tea Productions, also the worth bringing health and relaxation to the peoples.

We did engrave the above Sense of Values on our mind as firm ground, and have always been forwarding to accomplish our affairs every day.


 [Corporate Philosophy]

About the Stocks of Nishide Seichajyo

[Management Principle]


We aim to offer optimum commodities and services for the various customers, under the sprit of “once-in-a-lifetime chance”

We aim to be a existence to lead the world brand of “Japanese Tea” in higher level for both of qualities and values.

We aim to keep the deal which will available for our Tea Cultivation Farmers to perpetually do cultivate high quality Tea Leaves with their highly motivation and to continue maintenance and development of exquisite Tea Farms.

We aim to obtain utmost satisfaction and happiness for all of people who is concerned with our Tea, like as Customs, Staffs, Tea Cultivating Farmers, and so on.


[Regulation of Ethics]


Treatment for Third Party’s Information
We will never leak nor use the information about our customers and stakeholders which could be known through the dealings for the other purposes than original.@We closely treat personal @information under our company’s regulation.

Fair Trade
We do fair and impartial dealings. Therefore, we shall never do any deed which threatens to suffocate it and have a presumption to influence upon fair competition orders.

Contract Obeying
We conclude fair contracts with our customers and stakeholders to forward relevant deals with recognizing our social responsibility, then we abide by that contract.

Compliance with the law
We comply with the laws and ordinances while performing our own social role through the deals

teaplant Way of tea has led to the entrance of the spiritually rich and healthy life.
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