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About Processing of NISHIDE SEICHAJYO


We usually decide our principle of the processing with points of not only to increase production efficiency but to consider establishing the suitable system to react to our customers’ requirements as many as possible. We are doing to make uniformed products by the method of separating tea leaves in to plural quality groups of lots depending on the quality, then blending those tea leaves in nice and proper balance. Because some dispersion of the quality depending on the production lot will be occurred if we do processing and deliver them as order of picking timing, so in advance, we once hold plural lots separated in to nearer characteristics of tea leaves stuffs, then we forward to re-blend them, therefore we are able to provide stable quality tea leaves throughout a year.

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Far-infrared Parchaing Machine
Tasting for Blend
Tasting for Blend of Tea
  [Regarding to our Processing Capacity]  
  Our factory has the productive capacity of daily production for 200 – 800 kgs in maximum for leaf teas, and we are strong in special processing for particular tea leaves which needs to strain at the method of production. Consequently, in the case for necessity of urgent processing with tea leaves in a short time exceeded than our production capacity, we have cooperated structures with our allied factories. Therefore, we can mention that our maximum daily capacity of the production (there is some vary depending on kinds of tea) is 3,000 – 5,000 kgs.  
    blending machine   hygien inspection    
Tea blending machine Hygien inspection

 [Regarding to our Foreign-object Removal]


All of Tea Leaf we deliver has been passed through Foreign-object Remover System carrying with CCD Camera exclusive to tea leaves, at the final stage of the processing. We are really possible to reduce risks of foreign-object in to tea leaves as this system is available to remove foreign-objects except for tea leaves in quite high accuracy.


  Foreign object Remover System  
Foreign object Remower System
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