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area group trademark registration
  In our company, we are making the products mainly with Kyoto Pref. made tea leaves among a few areas of producing pref. for UJI-CHA, although we are providing overall leaf teas of UJI-CHA in large degree. Our production list of services and articles about tea kinds is, GYOKURO / SENCHA / KABUSE-CHA / HOUJI-CHA / GENMAI-CHA are major, also depending on customers’ requirement, we are able to provide KUKI-CHA (they call it KARIGANE or SHIRAORE too.) / KONA-CHA, etc. which will be made as associate products while the productions.  
Area Group Trade Registration

[Strict Indication of the Producing Region]


We have been managing about the producing place strictly, and we are providing Tea Leaves of the rightness according to the specified producing place name if it mentioned. Depending on a case, according to the trade conditions, we may use tea leaves than Kyoto-Prefecture made, but for our providing Tea Leaves with the indication specified as UJI-CHA, we only use the produced Tea Leaves under following prescribed mentioning as Area Group Trademark Registration. Also, if we will use other tea leaves than UJI-CHA, we sure define such producing place and mention it up, we sure comply with the display obligation.

* The mentioning of Area Group Trademark Registration
It is that the Green Tea processed and elaborated by manufacturers located and registered in Kyoto prefecture, through the formula descended from original UJI area, with the Tea-Leaves made in only 4 prefectures of Kyoto- Prefecture, Nara- Prefecture, Shiga- Prefecture and Mie- Prefecture.  (Registration Number 5050328 registered on May 25, 2007)

in a case of [UJI-CHA made in Kyoto Pref.]
→@no use excepting tea leaves made in Kyoto Pref.
in a case of [UJI-CHA] only →
→@no use excepting tea leaves made in the above 4 Prefectures.


[Strict Indication of the Staples]


Excepting particular indication, basically we only use natural and crude tea leaves for our own Teas, we do not use any additive including artificial flavor / coloring / coupler / aroma. If a certain kind of additive will be needed under the customer’s requirement, we may be able to use it under the clear confirmation of customer’s agreement, with showing the staples clearly.

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